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The 1 Day Internet Business … Amazing Results

Short History

In September of 2010 I began using Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business course to determine if it worked as advertised.  This course was touted as a tool to build an Internet business in as little as 24 hours using WordPress to develop the website.  The techniques taught were purported to demonstrate how to choose keywords in such a way as to achieve a first page ranking on the Google search engine.  You might ask … Who The Heck Is Ewen Chia?

I Started from … Below Ground Zero

When I started the course, I knew nothing about WordPress or how to really develop a good website using it.  I found that the course videos walked me through each step of what I needed in order to create my first website the 1DayInternetBusiness.com. As my first project, using WordPress, it was not beautiful and somewhat crude.  However, from the very first week I began receiving relevant traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo.  Today my site is still going strong and operating on autopilot.

The results I have experienced with this site are quite amazing to me and I consistently get 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per day and 800 to 2,000 new page views each day.  Once the website was completed, I turned my attention to other projects, but this site just keeps on keeping on.  The premise, that you can get free web page traffic using the 24 Hour Internet Business techniques have proven to be absolutely true.  Therefore, I would highly recommend this product for any beginning or intermediate internet marketer.

Oh Really! … A Web Business In One Day?

Well, I was not able to complete this site in 1 Day.  It took about 24 hours, but spread over about 4 days.  It took me about one full day to review the course videos and three more to implement the site once I had a good overview of what I was doing.

The course material is quite comprehensive and is a step by step guide to creating your new website.  It contains thirteen videos, which cover the following materials.

    • An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

    • Keyword Research

    • Domain Name and Hosting

    • Creating Your Blog

    • Blog Setup (continued)

    • Adding Content To Your Blog

    • Set Up Your Autoresponder

    • Get Your Blog Indexed By Google

    • Blog Promotion – Article Marketing

    • Blog Promotion – Video Marketing

    • Blog Promotion – Yahoo Answers

    • Blog Promotion – Google Adwords

    • Conclusion

    • Update – Autoblogging

    • Update – Money Plugins

Each of the above sections provides step by step instructions to implement each part of your blog and help drive free targeted traffic to your website.  It is truly very simple and well worth the modest investment.

I Didn’t Spend A Fortune To Get Started

Course literature predicted that I would not spend more than $50 to get my sight up and running, which included the cost of the course.  Since I have heard many others make similar claims, I was totally surprised when my total costs to get started were less than $50.  Finally, somebody has actually spoken the truth.  My only costs were for web hosting, domain name and the course itself.  If you don’t have an autoresponder you may spend slightly more to get started.

Learn About My Secret Sauce

During the course of developing additional websites, I have discovered a winning combination of techniques that can help you develop top performing WordPress blogs that will run unattended with no or very little maintenance.  These methods will be released monthly to our subscribers absolutely FREE of charge.